LISTEN: Senator Blanche Lincoln Talks Critical Need to Preserve Competitive Corporate Rate on KHOW’s “The Ross Kaminsky Show”

In case you missed it this morning, former United States Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) appeared on KHOW’s “The Ross Kaminsky Show” to discuss the critical need to preserve America’s globally competitive corporate tax rate. Check out some highlights of Senator Lincoln’s interview below:

Sen. Lincoln: Congress Should Eliminate Loopholes Before They Eliminate Jobs

Sen. Lincoln: 28% Corporate Rate Could Cost A Colorado Household Earning $80,000 Annually As Much As $3,360 A Year In Lower Wages

Sen. Lincoln: A Combined Rate Of More Than 32% Would Give The United States The Dubious Distinction Of Having The Highest Rate In The Developed World

Sen. Lincoln: Over The Past 20 Years, China Has Added 114 Global Fortune 500 Headquarters, While The U.S. Has Lost 58. Today, China Has 124, While The United States Has 121.