In case you missed it this morning, former United States Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) appeared on KHOW’s “The Ross Kaminsky Show” to discuss the critical need to preserve America’s globally competitive corporate tax rate. Check out some highlights of Senator Lincoln’s interview below:

Sen. Lincoln: Congress Should Eliminate Loopholes Before They Eliminate Jobs

Sen. Lincoln: 28% Corporate Rate Could Cost A Colorado Household Earning $80,000 Annually As Much As $3,360 A Year In Lower Wages

Sen. Lincoln: A Combined Rate Of More Than 32% Would Give The United States The Dubious Distinction Of Having The Highest Rate In The Developed World

Sen. Lincoln: Over The Past 20 Years, China Has Added 114 Global Fortune 500 Headquarters, While The U.S. Has Lost 58. Today, China Has 124, While The United States Has 121.