LISTEN: Senator Blanche Lincoln on “Montana Talks with Aaron Flint”

In case you missed it this morning, former United States Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) appeared on “Montana Talks with Aaron Flint” to discuss the vital importance of preserving America’s globally competitive corporate tax rate:

“In China, they have a current corporate rate of 25%. Their corporate rate is it…Each of our states has the ability to have some of its own individuality. And they have state taxes – corporate rates. And so when you put that state corporate rate together with the federal rate…then you get a really high rate that is more than likely going to be non-competitive in the global marketplace. Montana is a good example. The combined corporate rate, if we were to go to a 28% corporate rate, combined in Montana with the Montana state rate, would be 32.86%. Look at that compared to what China’s 25% corporate rate would be. We’d be non-competitive.”

Listen to Senator Lincoln’s full “Montana Talks” interview below: