LISTEN: Senator Blanche Lincoln Highlights the Harm of a Corporate Rate Hike on WGIR’s “New Hampshire Today”

In case you missed it this morning, former United States Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) appeared on WGIR’s “New Hampshire Today” to discuss the harm of a corporate rate hike:

“There are so many, just scores and scores of studies, that have detailed how any increase in the corporate rate carries such an alarming consequence for American workers, who bear as much as 70% of that tax in the long run…The brunt of what happens when we increase our corporate rate falls on the backs of the workers and their families. The Federal Reserve – our own Federal Reserve – said that ‘a 1% increase in the corporate tax rate would reduce wages by between 0.3% and 0.6%’ – meaning that a 28% corporate rate, it could could cost New Hampshire households earning $80,000 annually as much as $3,360 a year in lower wages.”

Listen to Senator Lincoln’s full “New Hampshire Today” interview below: