Former EY Chairman & CEO Mark Weinberger: “21 is the right area because remember, 21 is the corporate rate at the federal level – you add in the state taxes, it’s around 24.5% or so and that’s about the average for OECD countries. In addition, remember they took away a lot of tax deductions and incentives, added some other ones in 2017. You know, Joe, remember: we saw a massive increase in CapEx expenditures, we saw a significant increase in hiring, a low unemployment rate followed, we saw for all different types of cohorts wage increases, payments to pay down pensions…The economy was on a great trajectory…Could you imagine today if business had that higher tax rate and was trying to deal with all of these COVID-19 issues? I don’t think we’re going to be able, in this environment, to go back to the massive tax increases on business. I think it would be a bad idea to deal with the growth that we’re going to have to have coming into next year.” [CNBC, 11/19/20]