WASHINGTON, D.C.  — The RATE Coalition today released the following statement on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ January 2020 jobs report:
“For the U.S. economy, this new decade is starting just how the last one ended — with strong job creation and growing paychecks for American workers — and another sign that our nation is in the midst of the longest economic expansion in history. It’s no secret that thanks to tax cuts, U.S. job creators, workers, and families now have more choice in how to invest their hard-earned money, and they are choosing wisely.” 

Highlights from the January 2020 jobs report:
  • The U.S. economy added 225,000 jobs in January.
  • The unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, marking a nearly 50-year low and two years of an unemployment rate at or below 4 percent.
  •  Wages rose 3.1 percent over the past 12 months.