About Us

About Us:

In today’s global economy, America’s tax system must reflect the dynamic and innovative marketplace in which all businesses compete. RATE is a coalition of businesses, associations and other like-minded groups that are joining together to advocate for sound and equitable reforms to the tax code that will restore the competitiveness of the United States as a place to invest and grow, and boost job creation and economic growth.


To reform the tax code, making it fairer and simpler and improving the prospects of growth and jobs in the U.S. economy by reducing the corporate income tax rate to make it more competitive with our nation’s major trading partners.


  • We believe that a lower corporate tax rate would better allow U.S. businesses to compete in today’s globalized marketplace;
  • We believe that the best means of achieving a more competitive tax system is through a direct reduction in the overall corporate tax rate;
  • We believe that a lower corporate tax rate would benefit both national and international U.S. companies and would increase incentives to invest in the United States, enhancing U.S. economic and job growth.
  • We believe that a lower corporate tax rate will benefit American workers, American consumers and American small businesses.
  • While we believe a lower corporate tax rate will justify itself via increased economic growth, we understand the budget implications of lowering the rate. As such, if necessary to facilitate a meaningful reduction in the corporate tax rate, corporate tax base-broadeners should be on the table.

Reforming America’s Taxes Equitably is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions, or as section 162 trade or business expenses.


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