The RATE Coalition released the following statement on Wednesday’s House Ways and Means Committee Hearing entitled “The 2017 Tax Law and Who it Left Behind”:

“Having reclaimed our title as the world’s most competitive economy, it’s clear that pro-growth tax reform is moving American workers and job creators forward while our foreign competitors are being left behind. Here at home, wages are rising at the fastest rate since 2009, the economy is growing at 3.1 percent, and more than 3 million new jobs have been created since President Trump signed tax reform into law. America’s hardest workers are reaping the benefits of pro-growth tax reform.”

Tax Reform is Propelling American Workers and the Economy Forward into a Position of Global Leadership:

  • Wages rose 3.4% over the last year, the strongest annual gain since April 2009.
  • American manufacturers reported 9 consecutive quarters of record-high industry optimism.